I have a couple of quick updates for you. If you are a subscriber (logged in user) on my website, you’ve probably already read “Emily & Alison: The Beginning,” which is a series of vignettes about two side characters from “Finding a Keeper” of the Sports Series.

I’ll be releasing a box set for the Sports Series sometime in the fall, and Emily & Alison’s short story will be included in it. That means, the story needs to come down from my site per Amazon’s rules. It’ll be removed on September 1st, so if you want to read it for free, make sure you do before then.

I’ll have something going up on the website for all subscribers this summer, so if you haven’t created a login yet, I recommend you do that soon. More info to come later. 😉


Also, in the past, I’ve done crosswords, review drawings for free e-books, and other content, but I’ve paused this for a while as I was unable to keep up with it for a bit. If you’re interested in seeing something like that return, simply reply to this email. If you have any ideas for other contests you’d like me to consider, send those along, too!

Hopefully, I’ll have some sort of contest running for you before “The Right Fit” of the Boston Series is released on June 25th, and a couple of winners can get the e-book for free on release day. Make sure to get caught up on book #1, “Let Go.”

Nicole Pyland