Well, it’s that time again: I’m writing another series.

This one is based in Boston, hence the title The Boston Series. I lived in Boston years ago and fell in love with the city. Less in love with the tourists always asking me for directions while I was wearing headphones and clearly giving off my “local, just heading to work” vibe, but it’s a great city, and I decided to base my new characters there.

In the first book, you’ll meet Gretchen & Amanda and get yourself a little sass, along with a touch of opposites attract. It’s a lighthearted intro to the series, which will take a few turns along the way. You’ve been warned! 😉

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard me say that I’m constantly trying to challenge myself as a writer. When I write a series, I try not to make the same book over and over again. That’s why in The Celebrities Series, the books are so different, for example. The key to all of them is love and some romance, though. So, when it’s released, I hope you enjoy the first book in Boston while you get to know all the new fictional friends I hope you’ll make along the way. 

Thanks for sticking with me and for all your support of my books! It means the word to me when you relate to my characters and continue to get to know more and more of them each time.

Nicole Pyland