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“Love Forged” is OUT TODAY! #LesFic Tate and Flynn are embarking on a journey to self-discovery and what that means for their best-friends-since-birth relationship. Follow the two women through an adventure as their relationship evolves into more, and their future plans change to reflect… Continue Reading “NEW RELEASE: “LOVE FORGED””

March 15 through March 19

I’m participating in the iHeart LesFic Mega Sale with three of my books: “The Fire” “The Disappeared” “The Moments” If you haven’t picked up any of these titles, now would be a good time to do it since the e-books are on sale from March 15th to… Continue Reading “March 15 through March 19”


Dear Reader, When I first sat down to write “Love Forged,” I knew exactly what the story would be. This doesn’t always happen with me. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to know what I’m going to write.  With “Love Forged,” though, I knew I wanted to use… Continue Reading ““LOVE FORGED” INSIGHTS”