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I have some news! I’ve launched a new part of my site nicolepyland.com, which allows users to create a login (username/password). I know… I know… You’re probably saying, “I have enough passwords to remember. I’ve only had so many cats in my life to use as password inspiration, so I can’t just come up with a new password idea whenever, Nicole.”

Trust me, I’ve been there. Whenever my wife wants to change a password on an account, we have a very “serious” discussion where I ask her not to because I can’t remember yet another one, and she does it anyway because she’s in charge.

However, doing this allows me to do some cool things that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. So, the decision is entirely yours. You can remain a newsletter subscriber and still receive news on the regular (no change for the newsletters subscribers) or you can decide to use the street you grew up on + your favorite TV show as a new password for the login section of my site. Here’s why you should do it.

To begin with, by logging in, you’ll be able to read an exclusive, never before seen set of shorts I call, “The Proposal Series.” In many of my books, you get to read about that special moment when one woman proposes to the other, but in some of them, it takes place in the future beyond the book or is mentioned later. I’ve written several short stories describing that moment for the couples for you to read and enjoy.

Just create your login to check them out and come back often for more. We’re in the beginning phases here, so we’ll add and edit these benefits as we go. Feel free to send me any idea you have as well. I want to make you having to create yet another password worth it.

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Crossword puzzle: “Finding a keeper”

Join the reader’s club and participate in stuff to get free things.

Here’s a new crossword puzzle for you, based on my recent book, “Finding a Keeper.”

Complete it, find the key phrase, and EMAIL me your answer to the key phrase (Don’t put it in the comments) by December 9th.

On the release day, December 10th, I will randomly draw TWO participants to win an e-book copy of the next book in the Celebrities Series, “Midnight Tradition.”

See the Crossword Puzzle HERE

Have fun!


  • Celebrities Series Book #3
  • Release Date: December 10th, 2020
  • AVAILABLE for pre-order: Amazon Kindle
  • Print Length: 210 pages

Maddox Delaney wasn’t all that famous; she was well-known by association. Surrounded by her famous, coupled-off friends, Maddox had thought she had her chance at love. And when that didn’t work out, she wondered if she’d ever get another try. A New Year’s Eve Party hosted by some of her closest friends isn’t really her idea of fun, but it might just be what she needs to mend her broken heart.

Avery Simpson wasn’t quite sure how she had ended up at this party. She would much rather be working on her app instead of hanging out by herself at a New Year’s Eve party hosted by none other than Peyton Gloss and Dani Wilder. When she’s ended up tagging along with her eccentric brother anyway, Avery feels out of place, and she’s definitely not planning on kissing anyone at midnight. That is until she meets Maddox.

As the party unfolds, Maddox and Avery not only keep running into each other, they are finding excuses to. What happens when the clock strikes midnight?

One night. One party. One midnight tradition. This is the story of how two women meet and decide to take a chance on something they’d never thought they’d have.

NOTE: This preview is available until December 1st.





When a book ends with two people in love, sometimes, we get to see the characters move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, or start all over in another city. In some of my books, the couples get engaged, while in others, they take some of those different steps.

I write the endings that I think would be perfect for those characters. Then, I often catch myself wondering how they got engaged. Who proposed? How did she do it? Since I only write that moment in some of my books, I decided to write the proposal scenes for the books that didn’t include them.

It gives you a glimpse into one of the most important moments in the lives of these characters. I hope you enjoy one more moment of love between two women as they share their lives together.

SPOTLIGHT - 23 Proposal Series


You may be wondering, “Why are you releasing a What Happened After… for No After You and All the Love Songs? Didn’t you mention you’re adding to the Celebrities Series?”

Well, yes, I did. The series will continue, but I wrote this What Happened After… short story about just DaniPeytonKenzie, and Lennox because the events with them happen before the events in Book #3 of the Celebrities Series (more on that later this year).

If you login to the site, you can read it now. You’ll want to get caught up before the series continues!

The length is approximately 11K. I’m dividing it in two links for better readability.



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