PREVIEW: “The Unexpected Dream”

A few chapters of my new book, “The Unexpected Dream,” (book 3 in the Sports Series) are now available to read on my website.

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Mia Landis was so close to being an Olympian. Instead, she watched the Tokyo Olympics and her would-be-team from home with her one-year-old daughter. When Mia heard about a serious professional softball league starting up in the US, she thought it would be crazy to try out. After being convinced, though, she gave it a shot and ended up moving her entire life across the country.

Skylar Donahue lived for the game. Softball had been her entire world until an injury took away her shot to play in the Olympics. She resigned herself to coaching until she heard about a new league starting up. When she made the local team, she had no idea that a new woman in town would completely change her entire world.

Both women dreamed of representing their country in the Olympics. Neither of them thought their lives would take the turn they’d taken. But if they can see past what they thought their lives would be, and look at where they ended up, they might find a whole new dream; one that could last a lifetime.

  • Release Date: September 3rd, 2020
  • AVAILABLE for pre-order: Amazon Kindle
  • Print Length: 236 pages


Nicole Pyland