Paperback of “The Fire” and a new Pre-Order, “The Moments”

Dear Readers,

It’s been almost a year since my first books “Fresh Start” and “All the Love Songs” were published on Amazon. Ever since then, your response to my books has been amazing! And I would like to thank every one of you who’s taken a chance on a then-unknown author and followed the characters in the Chicago Series throughout the whole journey. Your feedback makes it all worth it!

At the moment, I have a few stand-alone books coming out in the nearest future. First one of them, “The Fire”, you’ll get to read at the end of this week! The ebook is coming out on September 20th. And the fans of paperback books can already get their copy on Amazon.


The second one, “The Moments,” will be released in November. You may take a look at the full description and pre-order it here.

Both of the new books will be a little bit different from the Chicago Series and also from each other. I really hope you like them, too!

In the series department, there is more to come later. So, stay tuned!


Nicole Pyland