“Midnight Tradition” will be live on Kindle in the next 24h.

This is book #3 in the Celebrities Series, where we get to hang out with Dani & Peyton, Lennox & Kenzie , and we get to watch Maddox meet Avery at a New Year’s Eve party.

“Midnight Tradition” was an interesting book to write for me because I wanted to capture what it was like to meet someone one night, connect with them so quickly and so fully, and then explore that. Neither woman went to this party with the idea that they’d meet someone who’d capture their heart.

One night is about to change Maddox’s and Avery’s entire lives.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season entry from me as we continue the Celebrities Series with “Midnight Tradition.”

OUT on Kindle in the next 24h! Get your copy today! #LesFic

Nicole Pyland