Dear Reader,

“Let Go,” the first book in The Boston Series, is out today.

Pick up our e-book today if you haven’t already, and get to know Gretchen & Amanda and all of their friends.

Paperback, as usual, will follow in the next day or so.

Since a few people in my ARC team have reached out either asking me who’s in the next book or telling me which characters they hope to see more of, if you check out my Amazon author page, you’ll find the pre-order for the second book in the series listed already! You can also follow me on Amazon to get a notification as soon as any new pre-order is available.

(Usually, all the links and descriptions for my existing and upcoming books are also listed at the end of my e-books, so if there’s already a new pre-order available, the link would be there when any new book is released – under the respective series or a stand-alone section.)

I hope you enjoy “Let Go” and visiting Boston for this series!

Stay safe!


Nicole Pyland