Holiday Season Sale!

Happy Holidays, Everyone,

In honor of this time of year, I’m having a sale. You can find many of my books on Amazon at reduced prices through January 5th, 2020. In the sale, we have:

“The Moments”

“The Fire”

“The Disappeared”

All books in the Chicago Series

All books in the San Francisco Series

“Keep Tahoe Blue”

Prices are between 10-40% off until the end of the sale. If you’re missing one or more books in your collection, now would be the time to grab them up.

Many titles are also available on Kindle Unlimited. So, if you’re a member, and you want to read them while you can, now would be the time for that as well.

Make sure to get caught up. More books are coming in 2020!

I hope you’re all having a happy, safe, and fun holiday season so far. As always, thanks for buying, reading, and reviewing my books.


Nicole Pyland