Audible: “Always More”

Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce that my book “Always More” is now available for pre-order on Audible.

If you enjoyed reading the book and you want to listen to it as well, or you’ve been waiting for the audio version to be able to read “Always More” for the first time, your wait is over.

You can pick up the pre-order now. It’ll be released on August 25th.

Always More,” as many of you know, is a special book for me since I’m such a big fan of the sport of volleyball, so I’m extra happy that this one is now in audio as well. I hope you like it when you get to listen to it. 🙂

I’ll also be giving away a few free audiobooks for “Always More.”

How can you enter? Just send me a screenshot, in response to this newsletter, of your review on Amazon for the e-book versions of either “Always More” OR “A Shot at Gold,” OR the Audible versions of “No After You” OR “Reality Check.”

On the release day, I’ll select a few lucky reviewers and send you each a code to pick up your free copy of “Always More” on audio.


Always More by Nicole Pyland Audiobook
Nicole Pyland