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Sapphic Reading Challenge

So… I’ve put together a list of my books that fit into Sapphic Reading Challenge 2021 by @JaeFiction. If you’re participating, make sure you check off the books you’ve already read. Full details on the challenge are HERE. Full list of my books on… Continue Reading “Sapphic Reading Challenge”


I have a couple of quick updates for you. If you are a subscriber (logged in user) on my website, you’ve probably already read “Emily & Alison: The Beginning,” which is a series of vignettes about two side characters from “Finding a Keeper” of the Sports Series. I’ll… Continue Reading “UPDATES & CONTESTS!”


Well, it’s that time again: I’m writing another series. This one is based in Boston, hence the title The Boston Series. I lived in Boston years ago and fell in love with the city. Less in love with the tourists always asking me for directions… Continue Reading “BOSTON SERIES, BOOK #1”


It’s autism awareness month, and I was asked to answer a few questions about my experience as someone on the spectrum. The questions came from myself and other authors on the spectrum. Hopefully, by answering them, we’ll bring about more awareness. Here we go:


Dear Readers, If you signed up to receive signed post cards from me earlier this year, and the envelope hasn’t arrived yet or arrived damaged in any way, please let me know HERE. If you do reach out, make sure your email address and/or… Continue Reading “SNAIL MAIL”

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