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“Love Forged” is OUT TODAY! #LesFic Tate and Flynn are embarking on a journey to self-discovery and what that means for their best-friends-since-birth relationship. Follow the two women through an adventure as their relationship evolves into more, and their future plans change to reflect… Continue Reading “NEW RELEASE: “LOVE FORGED””


Dear Reader, When I first sat down to write “Love Forged,” I knew exactly what the story would be. This doesn’t always happen with me. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to know what I’m going to write.  With “Love Forged,” though, I knew I wanted to use… Continue Reading ““LOVE FORGED” INSIGHTS”

“What Happened After…” + Lennox’s Script

Dear Reader, “What Happened After…,” The Celebrities Series finale, is out now. This What Happened After is a little different because of the order in which the respective post-Epilogues were written in regards to the books in the series: Part I takes place before… Continue Reading ““What Happened After…” + Lennox’s Script”

The Proposal Series is OUT on Kindle!

In some of my books, I’ve told the engagement story of the characters in the Epilogue. In other stories, though, I didn’t include the proposal specifically, so in this series of short stories, you can read the moment the characters get engaged and fill in that gap.


Thank you everyone for this continuous support of my books! You did it again, #lesfic ! Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂