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March 15 through March 19

I’m participating in the iHeart LesFic Mega Sale with three of my books: “The Fire” “The Disappeared” “The Moments” If you haven’t picked up any of these titles, now would be a good time to do it since the e-books are on sale from March 15th to… Continue Reading “March 15 through March 19”

Shipped :)

So, I’ve had a busy weekend. And guess what’s in the mail…

Emily & Alison: A “Finding a Keeper” Novella

Dear Reader, When I wrote “Finding a Keeper” and my wife read the first draft, she said, “You know people are going to want a story about Emily and Alison, right?” Well, she was right. People have messaged and reviewed, asking about a story for Emily and… Continue Reading “Emily & Alison: A “Finding a Keeper” Novella”


#LesFic #LesbianRomance If you participated in my recent Crossword Puzzle challenge and think you got the key phrase right, check your inbox! (And spam folder, just in case…) The e-gifts of my new book, “Midnight Tradition,” have gone out! Congrats to lucky winners!

Crossword Puzzle: “Finding a Keeper”

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Here’s a new crossword puzzle for you, based on my recent book, “Finding a Keeper.”