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Emily & Alison: A “Finding a Keeper” Novella

Dear Reader, When I wrote “Finding a Keeper” and my wife read the first draft, she said, “You know people are going to want a story about Emily and Alison, right?” Well, she was right. People have messaged and reviewed, asking about a story for Emily and… Continue Reading “Emily & Alison: A “Finding a Keeper” Novella”


#LesFic #LesbianRomance If you participated in my recent Crossword Puzzle challenge and think you got the key phrase right, check your inbox! (And spam folder, just in case…) The e-gifts of my new book, “Midnight Tradition,” have gone out! Congrats to lucky winners!

Crossword Puzzle: “Finding a Keeper”

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Here’s a new crossword puzzle for you, based on my recent book, “Finding a Keeper.”

Crossword Puzzle: “The Unexpected Dream”

Dear Readers, A new crossword is up for “The Unexpected Dream.” If you haven’t read the book yet, what are you waiting for? You can solve this puzzle and EMAIL me your answer to the key phrase (Don’t put it in the comments) by… Continue Reading “Crossword Puzzle: “The Unexpected Dream””

A fan of the Tahoe Series?

Book 4, “Begin Again,” is featured in F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #23 for WLW & Lesbian Fiction Series by @JaeFiction For every solved puzzle you send in, you get an entry into the drawing for the grand prize! Details are below: