Transcript: Q&A for “Always More”

Since the release of “Always More,” I’ve been answering the questions the readers have submitted through the Login page, or in response to my Newsletter, or through the Contact page.

Down below, you can read all the responses to the questions I’ve received.

I’m sure some of you also remember that there was a reward for the most creative question in this Q&A, and I’ll be giving away an eBook for the second book in the series, which is called “A Shot at Gold,” to the user Louiseb301, who submitted question #2.

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If you have not read “Always More” Sports Series Book #1 yet, please be advised that some questions or answers may contain spoilers.

QUESTION #1: I love when all the characters from a series inter-connect in one world, so my question is, as you may have guessed: “Are other books in the Sports Series going to be inter-connected with the characters of Always More?”

There is a slight mention of other characters in the following books, and the stories happen in the same universe, but I chose to focus this series on the sports; not linking the characters. I’ll have more series where the characters are inter-connected, though.

QUESTION #2: This is a two-parter. The background information on the sport was amazing. How did you go about researching the player’s viewpoint and was there someone specific you modeled the main character, Wyatt, after?

I played volleyball growing up and later, in adult leagues for a bit. I also got to hung out with some AVP players for a couple of years a long time ago. I try to watch volleyball when I can, and I’ve watched interviews from players who talked about what it was like playing overseas to big crowds and not so big here sometimes. As for Wyatt, I had Logan Tom in mind. She’s arguably the best indoor player in the world and played for Team USA for several years.

QUESTION #3: Would you consider extending this series and follow the same pattern of using lesser known or less popular sports? Really enjoyed “Always More” and can’t wait for “A Shot At Gold” coming out.

Do you have any particular sport in mind? Right now, I have plans for four sports. I might write more in the future, but I haven’t planned anything beyond those so far. I do have a ton of other books to write. The ideas are really piling up – which is a good problem to have, so if something pops into my head about another sport, I’ll definitely add it to my list. I guess one of the benefits of the series being only theme-related, is that it’s possible to add to it without any continuity ripple effects.

QUESTION #4: I’ve read most of your books and I’m a fan. What made you decide on a sports-themed series?

I grew up playing sports. I played volleyball, basketball, kickball (which is a real sport in grade school where I’m from), baseball, and later, softball. I also love watching sports, and I scream at my TV like every other person that thinks their voice will be heard by those athletes. I wanted to write something about volleyball first because that’s my favorite sport. Then, I thought I’d write about a few more, and the series was born.

QUESTION #5: I’ve never heard of micro-expression. How did you come up with this ability, or “super power,” for Wyatt? Also, Everly didn’t seem to battle so much with the ethics of getting involved with a player. Any reason why she didn’t battle with it more? 

Micro-expressions are involuntary facial expressions that last for only a moment. You can see it in the TV show Lie To Me, which is based on a clinical psychologist Paul Ekman’s work. Some people don’t think it’s a thing or even the best way to tell if someone’s lying. Others believe it’s part of how to do it, but not all.

As for why I gave that ability to Wyatt… I wanted her to be able to tell when someone was lying to her. That can give someone a pretty lonely existence, if you think about it. I wanted Everly to be the one that always tells her the truth; and because of Wyatt’s relationship with her father, that would mean the world to her.

For Everly’s part: I didn’t want this book to be about the ethics or angst. There’s a little push/pull in there, but not much. I wanted it to tell the story of the sport and these two finding each other. I didn’t want half the book to be about them not being together, and then they get together once, it’s a mistake, and they end up together at the end. With these characters, I wanted them to just be together, and for the readers to see that part of their relationship unfold.

QUESTION #6: What was the inspiration behind the end scene (spoiler alert!); specifically, engagement at the Olympics?

I thought it would be a perfect ending for the book. Wyatt wins the first Olympic gold medal with Team USA, and Everly coaches her to it, being with Wyatt every step of the way. Also, in my mind, Wyatt couldn’t wait to propose. She just had to do it then. On top of that, the world would get to see it, so visibility for the WLW community and the athletes in it is a bonus.

QUESTION #7: Did you think at all about changing any par of the book (mainly the end) due to the postponement?

No, the book was already written when the postponement was announced, and it had already broken my heart that the Olympics were being postponed because of this awful pandemic. I thought it would be nice to keep it ending with the 2020 Olympics, which had already been my plan. I didn’t change any of the other Sports Series books, either, and many of them mention the 2020 Games.

Nicole Pyland