Character Connections

Have you ever read books in the series out of order just to discover there were more stories about the characters you’ve encountered in the current book you are reading that happened earlier in the timeline? Character connection page will feature every book in series (Chicago Series and more!) in the proper order they were written, with descriptions on how the books are connected to each other through different characters and timelines. Hopefully, this will help you navigate through the series and stories with ease.

“Fresh Start”

Fresh Start - Featured Cover

  • Introduction to Chicago Series
  • Alyssa Masters & Hannah Granger
Alyssa Masters had been accused of a horrible crime she didn’t commit and was now the most hated woman in America. She’d lost people she’d loved, her credibility, and a part of her life. To get it back on track, she returns home to live with her mother and has all but given up on any hope at a normal life.

Hannah Granger had been off exploring the world and finding herself, only to return home to lose her mother and a lot of what she’d found out about herself while away.

Alyssa and Hannah meet in Los Angeles. They later move to Chicago, where they meet Eva Dash.

“The Best Lines”

  • 03 - The Best Lines - new 2019Chicago Series Book #1
  • Eva Dash & Ember Elliot
Eva Dash has her career on track. After earning her Ph. D in Literature, she became a professor at the same college she’d called home as a student. When she loses the only job she’s ever wanted, she’s forced to consider leaving the only home she’s ever really known. 

Ember Elliot, the reformed player, has finally committed herself to looking for the right woman while struggling to find herself in other ways. She’s tired of being misunderstood by her family and hiding a very important part of herself from them. Being gay isn’t her secret. Wanting to be more than just a manager at her family’s restaurant is and she’s ready to take steps to get what she wants.

Eva Dash meets and falls in love with Ember Elliot. Ember’s best friends are Charlie Adams and Hailey Grant.

Just Tell Her - Website Cover“Just Tell Her”

  • Chicago Series Book #2
  • Charlie Adams & Hailey Grant
Charlie Adams has two best friends. Ember Elliot and Hailey Grant, the woman she’s secretly been in love with since the moment they met over a decade ago. She has watched Hailey date all the wrong women and never said anything about how she wanted to be Hailey’s forever love.

Hailey Grant had a first love that she was comparing every other woman to. When that woman comes back into her life, Hailey has to get to know her again after all this time. As Hailey tries to figure out if her first love is actually her forever love, she sees something is different about Charlie.

Charlie and Hailey get their story told, and we meet Emma Colton (Hailey’s first love), Lena Tanner and Summer Taft (Charlie’s potential love interests).

05 - Love Walked into The Lantern“Love Walked into The Lantern”

  • Chicago Series Book #3
  • Summer Taft & Lena Tanner
Summer Taft is a twenty-seven-year-old billionaire, who founded a tech startup with her brother while she was still in college. As that company’s CEO, she feels stuck and underappreciated. She also has to take care of the company while her brother goes off exploring the world, leaving her holding the bag. The company recently opened an office in Chicago, where Summer has met some new friends. As Summer decides to uproot her life and make the move to Chicago, she meets Lena.

Lena Tanner has had no luck in her love life after divorcing her husband of several years before, after finally admitting to herself that she was gay. Lena had been exploring and having fun in the new life she’d made for herself. But now she’s ready to find the one and settle down. After a blind date gone wrong, she ends up at The Lantern where she spots her group of expanding friends and a newcomer.

Summer Taft and Lena Tanner are a featured couple, while Emma Colton makes the decision to move to San Francisco. We are also briefly introduced to Keira Worthy.

What Happened After... - Website CoverWhat Happened After: Chicago Series Finale

  • Collection of short stories that wrap up the Chicago Series
  • Takes place after the epilogue in “Love Walked into The Lantern”
  • Features all 4 couples in the Chicago Series: Alyssa Masters & Hannah Granger, Eva Dash & Ember Elliot, Charlie Adams & Hailey Grant, Summer Taft & Lena Tanner
Do you ever read a story, fall in love with the characters and wonder what happens to them after the book ends? Epilogues are nice, but they’re a snapshot in time. Maybe it’s a year after the end of the book or even just six months. Maybe there’s a proposal or a wedding. Maybe a character announces she’s pregnant. Maybe a character just got their dream job.

I write the epilogues in my books mostly for myself because I want to know where they go next. I like to check in on them to find out about those next big steps in their lives. What I’m doing here is adding to their stories.

There’s a danger in this, of course. What if you’re already satisfied with how the story ended for the characters? What if this ruins it for you? That is a risk you’ll have to decide on your own to take. I’m merely providing short glimpses into the lives of my characters beyond their epilogues.

If you plan to read these, please read all the books in the series first. Because the lives of the characters in the Chicago Series are so closely woven together, you won’t want to read the additional content for Eva and Ember, for example, until you’ve read all four of the Chicago Series books.

Checking the Right Box.jpgChecking the Right Box”

  • San Francisco Series Book #1
  • Emma Colton & Keira Worthy
  • It is strongly suggested that you read “Just Tell Her” for Emma’s backstory.
  • Takes place after “Love Walked into The Lantern”.
  • Contains very brief appearances of the Chicago Series characters, as they are still Emma’s friends.
Emma Colton left her life behind when she moved from Chicago to San Francisco. She has a new job at the Health Department, a tiny apartment, and has dealt with being unlucky in love for most of her adult life. She’s hoping a new city and a fresh outlook will help her find the woman she’s been waiting for.

Keira Worthy has had a rough few years. She lost her best friend and business partner almost immediately after starting their dream event planning company. She’s barely hanging on financially and takes a job for the Health Department in hopes of landing more customers if it goes well. When she meets her liaison, Emma, under not the best circumstances – sparks fly. And not the good kind of sparks.

Keira and Emma begin their romance, and we meet three of Keira’s friends, who will each have their own love story to tell: Macon, Hillary, and Kellan.

12 - Keep Tahoe Blue“Keep Tahoe Blue

  • Tahoe Series Book #1
  • Kellan Cobb & Reese Lee
  • It is strongly suggested that you read “Checking the Right Box” for Kellan’s backstory.
  • Takes place after “Checking the Right Box” and before San Francisco Series Book #2
  • Contains brief appearances of the San Francisco Series characters over the phone.
Kellan Cobb had to get out of San Francisco. She’d just watched her ex-girlfriend meet the woman of her dreams. Her broken heart needed a break from it all and Lake Tahoe was calling her name.

Reese Lee has a secret. Only her twin sister knows the one thing Reese hasn’t even told the closest people around her. When she meets Kellan at a fun weekend game of beach football, she knows there’s something interesting about the tourist. She’s never had a problem wining, dining, and sometimes bedding the tourists that strolled into the lake town, but with Kellan, she might just see the possibility of more.

This story takes us to Lake Tahoe with Kellan, who will meet and fall in love with Reese Lee. We’re also introduced to Reese’s friends, who will have their own stories in the Tahoe series.

13 - Macon's Heart“Macon’s Heart

  • San Francisco Series Book #2
  • Macon Greene & Joanna Martin
  • Takes place after “Checking the Right Box” and right after “Keep Tahoe Blue”
  • Contains very brief appearances of the Tahoe Series characters, Kellan and Reese.
Macon Greene is a reluctant, world-renowned violinist. She’d never had a problem playing for a crowd as long as she wasn’t giving a solo. Her friends never seemed to notice her reluctance. In fact, her friends seemed to only really notice one thing about Macon – she always had a different woman around her. Sometimes, she’d flirt. Sometimes, they would. Rarely would it go anywhere. Unfortunately for Macon, she had a bit of a reputation.

Joanna Martin had a new profession and a new group of friends. Things were looking up in her life, with the exception of love. She’d never been able to find the right guy for her. Of course, she was spending a lot of time with a group of lesbians these days through her friendship with Emma Colton. That might have something to do with it. While Emma had found her soulmate in Keira Worthy, Joanna was starting to wonder if she’d ever find the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Back in San Francisco – at the same time as Kellan’s Tahoe Series story – Macon is falling in love with her best friend, Joanna. There’s only one problem: Joanna is straight.

“This Above All

  • 14 - This Above AllSan Francisco Series Book #3
  • Hillary Robins & Amara Simmons
  • Contains brief appearances of the Tahoe Series characters, Kellan and Reese.
Hillary Robins had watched all of her friends couple off. Everyone in her group had their person now, while she’d turned into something like the eighth wheel. After Caroline had broken her heart, Hilary had always known that she’d be the last of her friends to find someone. Caroline had done a number on her. And, in many ways, she was still recovering.

Amara Simmons both loved and hated being a preacher’s daughter. She loved her father dearly. He was all she had left after her mother’s tragic death. But what her father and his protégé, Mark, taught in church was in direct opposition to what she felt about herself. She’d never had the courage to admit it out loud. She even dated Mark because it was what was right for her father and for their shared faith. Unfortunately for Amara, her secret – along with some family secrets – collide when she finally decides to come out of her shell.

The always single Hillary finally works up the courage to talk to Amara, her mystery café woman. The two fall in love after working through everything life tries to throw in their way.

What Happened After: San Francisco Series Finale

  • 15 - San Francisco WHACollection of short stories that wrap up the San Francisco Series
  • Takes place after the epilogue in “This Above All”
  • Features all 3 couples in the San Francisco Series: Emma Colton & Keira Worthy,  Macon Greene & Joanna Martin, Hillary Robins & Amara Simmons
Following up on the success of What Happened After: the Chicago Series, here’s a glimpse into the lives of the ladies of the San Francisco Series. Find out what’s been going on with Emma & Keira, Macon & Joanna, and Hillary & Amara after their stories ended.

Epilogues are nice, but they’re a snapshot in time. Maybe it’s a year after the end of the book or even just six months. Maybe there’s a proposal or a wedding. Maybe a character announces she’s pregnant. Maybe a character just got their dream job. This group of short stories will give you a glimpse into the future of the characters.

If you plan to read these, please read all the books in the series first. Because the lives of the characters in the San Francisco Series are so closely woven together, you won’t want to read the additional content for Macon & Joanna, for example, until you’ve read all three of the books in the San Francisco Series.

“Time of Day

  • 15 - Time of Day (new)Tahoe Series Book #2
  • Riley Sanders & Kinsley James
  • Takes place after “Keep Tahoe Blue”
Kinsley James has a nice life in South Lake Tahoe. She has a great career in real estate and a great group of friends she’s known for a long time. She also has a crush. Things had been easy when the object of that crush lived on the other side of the lake. Kinsley had been able to push her attraction aside. She’d dated other women. She’d even mostly forgotten about that time in college when she’d shared a futon with a girl three years her junior that seemed so much more comfortable in her own skin than Kinsley had ever felt. Then, her crush moved home.

Riley Sanders decided to move back to South Lake Tahoe to settle down with her long-time and also long-distance girlfriend. Her plan was simple: find a real estate agent; find a house. Once she had that house, her girlfriend would move, and they’d be able to finally share a life together.

Kinsley and Riley find their way to one another in this official kick-off to the Tahoe Series.

“The Perfect View

  • 18 - The Perfect View.jpgTahoe Series Book #3
  • Morgan Burns & Adler Williams
  • Takes place after “Time of Day”
Adler Williams had been surprised with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by her boyfriend; but not in a good way. That was the last place Adler ever wanted to be. She was not a woman who enjoyed camping or the outdoors in any way. While trying to return the camping supplies she wouldn’t be needing for this surprise trip, she meets a woman who loves the outdoors so much, she runs an outfitter’s shop in South Lake Tahoe.

Morgan Burns had watched her ex-girlfriend fall for and get engaged to her new girlfriend. Then, she’d watched her best friend get the girl of her dreams. When she visits Jackson Hole to plan a new store to her ever-growing chain, she meets a woman who is clearly not a fan of many of the activities Morgan holds dear.

Morgan and Adler meet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming before heading back to Tahoe. We’re also introduced to Adler’s sister, Paxton.

“Begin Again

  • 19 - Begin AgainTahoe Series Book #4
  • Paxton Williams & Chris Florence
  • Takes place after “The Perfect View”
Chris Florence’s circumstances had never been ideal, but they’d gotten worse after a car accident took the lives of her parents and left her with a kid brother to support. She’d always wondered if she was raising Wesley the way they’d want him to be raised while she juggled waiting tables at a pizza place in South Lake Tahoe with parenting a now teenage brother. She had friends, but their lives were so different from her own, Chris had always felt like she was on the outside looking in.

Paxton Williams only planned to visit her sister, Adler, in South Lake. She was supposed to stay for a few days, check in on her big sister, and return to Seattle. Instead, Paxton finds an old rundown hotel, meets Christina Florence, and her life suddenly has purpose. She could return to Seattle and remain the owner of her real estate business or she could take a chance and turn a rundown hotel into the best place to stay in Tahoe and take a chance on the woman that doesn’t let her get away with anything.

With the arrival of Paxton, Chris’s life turns upside down. It’s Chris’s decision, though. All those changes, all those feelings could cause Chris pain, or could possibly give her the life she’d always dreamed up for herself and her family.