Dear Reader,

Recently, I decided to have a little fun and order some postcards, and I’d like to sign them for you and get them in the mail.

The first 50 people to complete the form here, will receive a signed postcard of their choice.

On the form, you can also enter a custom message if you’d like. Obviously, I’ll need your mailing address, so if that’s a problem, I wouldn’t recommend signing up for this giveaway.

Once the form hits 50 responses or the deadline of January 31st, I will close it and get signing. 

Happy belated New Year everyone!


Emily & Alison: A “Finding a Keeper” Novella

Dear Reader,

When I wrote “Finding a Keeper” and my wife read the first draft, she said, “You know people are going to want a story about Emily and Alison, right?”

Well, she was right. People have messaged and reviewed, asking about a story for Emily and Alison.

So, this holiday season, I wrote a novella of sorts (33,000 words). It’s more vignettes than full-on novel. You get to see how these two got together, and you get to spend time with them while Marley and Sloan are taking a backseat this time around.

Instead of putting it out as a novella right now, I’ve decided to give it to subscribers as a holiday gift from me to you. For those of you who want to have it on their Kindle later, there is a very high chance I’ll release it on Amazon at some point in 2021, cover and all.

If you haven’t read “Finding a Keeper” yet, you might want to. You’ll understand some of the timeline if you do, but if you haven’t, you can still hang out with Emily and Alison and watch them fall in love.

I hope everyone is healthy, safe, and happy this holiday season.



Huge thank you to all of you, my readers!

Best Seller in #LesbianRomance ! You made this possible.

BTW: Paperback in now live, too. Happy reading! 🙂


#LesFic #LesbianRomance

If you participated in my recent Crossword Puzzle challenge and think you got the key phrase right, check your inbox! (And spam folder, just in case…)

The e-gifts of my new book, “Midnight Tradition,” have gone out! Congrats to lucky winners!


“Midnight Tradition” will be live on Kindle in the next 24h.

This is book #3 in the Celebrities Series, where we get to hang out with Dani & Peyton, Lennox & Kenzie , and we get to watch Maddox meet Avery at a New Year’s Eve party.

“Midnight Tradition” was an interesting book to write for me because I wanted to capture what it was like to meet someone one night, connect with them so quickly and so fully, and then explore that. Neither woman went to this party with the idea that they’d meet someone who’d capture their heart.

One night is about to change Maddox’s and Avery’s entire lives.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season entry from me as we continue the Celebrities Series with “Midnight Tradition.”

OUT on Kindle in the next 24h! Get your copy today! #LesFic