Crossword Puzzle: “A Shot at Gold”

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Here’s a new crossword puzzle for you, based on my recent book, “A Shot at Gold.” Complete it, find the key phrase, and send it back in. Whoever does it first and is correct, will receive a free e-book: “The Unexpected Dream.” That’s the next book in the Sports Series.

Have fun and turn in you answer by August 1st to be considered. Remember, the first person who turns in the correct response, gets the win.

Feel free to reply with your solved key phrase in the comments to the crossword post.


“A Shot at Gold” is out now!

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Sports Series Book 2 “A Shot at Gold” is out today!

Thank you everyone for your pre-orders, purchases, reads on Kindle Unlimited & feedback on all of my books.

Hope you enjoy my new novel! 😊

“Reality Check” is out on Audible!

#LesFic #WLW #LesbianRomance #Audiobook

The audio version of my book “Reality Check” narrated by @HeatherCostaVO is out on Audible today!

Hope you enjoy listening to it! 🎧 😊

Are you a Chicago Series connoisseur?

Book 3, “Love Walked into The Lantern,” is featured in F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #20 for WLW & Lesbian Fiction Indie Authors by @JaeFiction

You have a chance to win some prizes! Details are here:

Audible: “Reality Check”

#LesFic #LesbianRomance #WLW
For the audiobooks fans out there, “Reality Check” will be out on Audible on July 14th.
It is already available for pre-order. Get your copy here: