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Since the release of “Always More,” I’ve been answering the questions the readers have submitted through the Login page, or in response to my Newsletter, or through the Contact page.

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I’m sure some of you also remember that there was a reward for the most creative question in this Q&A, and I’ll be giving away an eBook for the second book in the series, which is called “A Shot at Gold,” to the user Louiseb301, who submitted question #2.

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If you have not read “Always More” Sports Series Book #1 yet, please be advised that some questions or answers may contain spoilers.


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“Always More” is out on Kindle!

Dear Readers,

When I began writing “Always More,” we all lived in a different world. It was a world where live sports were on 24/7, and The Olympic Games were just around the corner.

I am a massive Summer Olympics fan. I watch religiously day and night for two and a half weeks. I have my favorite sports, but I watch them all. I was looking forward to the USWNT being the first team to win a World Cup and the Olympics back to back (sorry if you’re not a Team USA fan). I was hoping the US women’s volleyball team would win its first Olympic gold medal. I wanted to watch gymnastics, swimming, archery, and more. I was excited to watch softball make its way back into the games (it never should have left to begin with, in my opinion). I grew up playing and watching sports, and every four years, I scream at my TV like a crazy person, watch the parade of nations, enjoy hearing about the history of the host country, and love watching my favorite athletes (and some new ones I meet) bring home medals for their countries.

I wrote “Always More” with my love of sports in mind. I grew up playing and loving the sport of volleyball. At one point, I dreamed of playing volleyball in the Olympics myself (okay, I still might dream of that). I wanted to write a story to pay homage to my sport and to the women who play it.

In this case, Wyatt Wicked is the greatest volleyball player in my fictional world, and she can’t even play in her home country (USA) because there’s no indoor league in the United States. When one finally gets started, she’s ready to play at home and wants to show the country why volleyball is such an amazing sport. That’s when she meets Everly Holman, the new team’s sports psychologist, and they begin their story.

I’ve recently found out that there will soon be an indoor league in the US (as well as a softball league), which is amazing news, and I am so excited to hear about it. I can’t wait to watch it on TV and scream as if I can somehow help these professional athletes by telling them where the block is and how to avoid it from my living room.

“Always More” was written before I knew about the league, before the Olympics were postponed, and before we were all told to stay inside and wear face masks to keep ourselves and others safe. My hope is that my book allows you all a moment of peace in this crazy world and a chance to read about a sport that I love and can’t wait to see next year in this new league and in the Olympics.

I hope you enjoy it!

  • Sports Series Book #1
  • Released: May 28th, 2020
  • AVAILABLE: on Amazon Kindle & Paperback
  • Print Length: 225 pages

My new Sports Series begins on 5/28!

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“Always More”

  • Sports Series Book #1
  • Release Date: May 28th, 2020
  • AVAILABLE for pre-order: on Amazon Kindle & Paperback
  • Print Length: 225 pages

“No After You” on Audible!

Dear Readers,

I have some exciting news to share. “No After You” will be available on Audible on June 10th. Those of you who love to listen to books (like I do) will get to hear Melissa Moran tell Dani and Peyton’s story in just three weeks from now. You can already pick up your pre-order copy.

Hope you enjoy it when it’s out there!

22 No After You - Tantor Audio Cover